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Yoga with Shannon Eyre

Shannon has been teaching since 2011. She offers all levels of group classes, special events, and private yoga sessions catered to you. Individual practice needs. Her practice is fluid, playful, and strong, often set to curated playlists to deepen your experience. You can almost always expect to finish each practice with some restoration and leave feeling refreshed and more centered. Her classes remind us that we work out to work within- and work it out. 

Shannon taught Yoga in the greater Seattle area for a decade before returning to her small mountain community in Winthrop, Washington. Shannon came to find her calling practicing while living on a sailboat and bumming around Los Angeles. Shannon received her foundations of Yoga training in 2009 through YogaFit and progressed to receive much more in-depth training in 2011 at Maui Yoga Shala. It transformed her life studying in such a beautiful, healing part of the world. Since Shannon has done continuing education through The Grinning Yogi and Laughing Lotus. Shannon’s classes are rooted in Astanga and Iyengar methods, although she now focuses on Chakra-based Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga. She is strong, fluid, playful, creative, and soulful. You can expect thoughtful, impactful practices balanced in the YIN and Yang elements. Shannon will keep you connected to Yoga’s deep work while reminding you to laugh and smile often. 

Shannon Eyre is a highly experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructor who has practiced and taught yoga for many years. She is known for her ability to help her students connect with their bodies and minds and to guide them through challenging and rewarding yoga practices. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Shannon can help you achieve your goals and deepen your understanding. She is a caring and supportive teacher who is always available to answer your questions and offer guidance when you need it. If you are looking to improve your physical and mental well-being, Shannon Eyre is an excellent choice.

“I have been practicing yoga in the PNW for over a decade and in my humble opinion, Shannon is hands down one of the best there is! She does an incredible job of catering to everyone’s needs from those of us that like the thoughtful gentle approach to the vigorous vinyasa yogis. Ive been taking classes with her for a few years now and somehow she always manages to have a new pose of a new approach that I just havent seen before. It really helps to keep the class fresh and engaging. I couldn’t recommend attending a class of hers enough. “

Suraj Lobo