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Anne Young Karuna Reiki Master Winthrop WA

Reiki healing, divinely guided, for your highest good…

Anne uses the guidance of Holy Fire Karuna Reiki energy to embark on tailored healing with each person. You will set an intention for the healing, and then we invite your guides and guardian angels to inform the healing. The depth of each treatment depends on your intention and capacity. You’ll often sense loved ones who have crossed over during the session and feel the healing treatment working long after the session is over.

Anne studied Holy Fire Reiki levels I & II and the Master Level with Melinda Kaur, who studied under William Lee Rand. She studied Karuna Holy Fire Reiki under William Lee Rand.

Anne was guided by the Spirit of the Methow to offer to heal whoever seeks physical, psychological, and spiritual wholeness through energy healing. Karuna Reiki treatments work toward generational healing and forgiveness, affecting everyone on Earth. Anne is proud of each brave one’s willingness to undertake this work.

“The time I had with you was special. It seems I have to continually shed grief for my beloved twin star, and each time I do, I feel her presence encouraging the letting go and acceptance. My soft mortal heart just misses her so. It felt very natural to cry with you and I felt we shared a beautiful moment conjointly grieving. Thank you for providing such a safe and lovely container for vulnerability.”

Stacey Williams | Yoga Instructor

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I am an autistic mom, a professional photographer, a member of the neuro-diverse community (#actuallyautistic), and a former elementary teacher. I currently work as a local marketing director. If you are an energy worker in the Methow Valley, contact me if you are interested in local energy healing sharing circles.