Sierra founded her naturopathic healing practice at the Methow Valley Wellness Center in 1997.  She has her doctorate from Bastyr University (1997), and her BSc from Brown University (1991). She has treated patients with complex medical issues for thirty years, coordinating whole health integratively for her patients in compassionate and creative ways.

She functions as the medical director for the Wellness Center, helping both local persons from the Methow, and those who are staying at the on-site Sunflower Resort, to form a proper plan for their healing and recovery.  She has connections to Confluence Health medical providers and provides the supportive bridge between a client with a complicated medical need and a need for support, healing, and the hands-on.

She specializes in cancer supportive therapies, cardiovascular health, and endocrinology-particularly natural bio-identical hormone replacement for both men and women.  She has facilitated many with healthy weight loss plans and support and tied these in with long-term health-building strategies.

Additionally, she has a hands-on practice providing deep tissue medical massage with light touch spiritual integration/craniosacral therapy/polarity/trager.

She is the only physician in the county making proper cannabis referrals for patients attempting to manage pain, cancer, PTSD, and other complicated health, and emotional issues.   She is the longest practicing physician in the Methow Valley, having founded the Wellness Center in 1997.